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Fast, massive damage, instant (or nearly instant) kills, alternate win con, and a decent mid game. This deck is one I am currently running with a couple exceptions. Obviously named for Minion of the Wastes and the sacrifice mechanic that it is built around; the mere mention of this deck instills fear. Don't let it fool you. It is aptly named as well for you can expect to be the main target of any multiplayer game. That is, unless they don't know what is coming.

The simple explanation.

Ebony Charm + Rite of Consumption + Wall of Blood OR Ebony Charm + Essence Harvest + Wall of Blood Pay 19 life.
Radiant Fountain + Rite of Consumption + Wall of Blood OR Essence Harvest + Radiant Fountain + Wall of Blood Pay 20 life.
Dying Wish + Rite of Consumption + Wall of Blood OR Dying Wish + Minion of the Wastes + Rite of Consumption Pay 10 life.
Minion of the Wastes + Rite of Consumption OR Essence Harvest + Minion of the Wastes Pay 10 life and attack.

Though they may vary some depending on your life total, how much mana you can produce and what cards you have in hand these are the basic kill combos. Some of which can be gotten off first turn! If all else fails use Diabolic Intent + Ornithopter to find Phage the Untouchable. Assuming you are not playing against another black deck or a deck with a lot of artifacts use Ebony Charm + Phage the Untouchable for another kill shot.

Mana ramp, deck search and the basic defense is all fueled by Ornithopter and Shield Sphere. Yay! Culling the Weak and Diabolic Intent fodder.

Exceptions to the deck I am currently running: -1 Diabolic Intent +1 Altar's Reap, -1 Shield Sphere +1 Phyrexian Walker . I plan on switching those up soon though.


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I just got done looking through cards that have come out since the last update in order to find something to better this deck. This resulted in an updated (real) sideboard that could potentially be more useful. The main deck has not been updated however, because it is about as perfect as it can get at this point in time. I never even swap in any of my sideboard cards. This deck remains one of my favorites to this day.


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