I am very new to Combo decks, so I expect this deck to be not as good as I would want it to be. Still, here's the general idea:

If you have Waste Not in play then any discard your opponent makes yields you a ton of value. The problem is, when playing against Aggro decks your opponent is unlikely to have any cards in hand from turn four (or even three) onward. That's why you ensure they draw with Wheel of Fate and Burning Inquiry . The main discard enabler here is Dark Deal . Wish there was some card that's cheaper mana-wise for this role though.

As you yourself will be forced to draw and discard just as much as your opponent, your graveyard is bound to fill with cards pretty quickly. Sedraxis Specter and Dreamstealer can be cast from your graveyard and possess some discard abilities on their own to boot.

Manaforge Cinder for manafixing, especially when the combo is online and you start producing a lot of Black mana - you still have to be able to cast your Red spells. Pentad Prism for manafixing and for "sending" mana to future turns, so that once combo is online it can really make an impact.

By the time your combo is online your life total is going to be pretty low. Use Goblin Bushwhacker to haste to all the Zombie tokens summoned with Waste Not and swing for the win. Surge of Zeal in maybeboard, because even though it's cheaper and faster this deck desperately needs chump blockers.

Sulfurous Springs instead of a shockland because I'm on an extreme budget here and I have probably already breached it twice over.

Kari Zev's Expertise included for sake of being able to cast Wheel of Fate immediately from your hand.

As for the Sideboard I haven't decided on anything yet, but I'll probably add Harsh Mentor against affinity and combo decks. Maybe some removal in Black for sake of fending off aggro, like Dreadbore .

Thinking on adding four copies of Reforge the Soul for even more draw and discard, as suggested by user:Darth-Savage

Any and all suggestions welcome! I am just a Johnny wannabe so this might not even work at all, even at FNM level


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Howltooth Hollow must go, it's an oversight on my part that it was even here in the first place. This card has value when players have no cards in hand, while the rest of the deck actively tries to makes sure both players have their hands full at any given moment. Replaced with Mountain s and Swamp s


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