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Wasitora: Mother of Cat Dragons

Commander / EDH BRG (Jund) Control



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Wasitora's combat damage trigger is a win-win: either force an edict effect on your opponent or create an adorable 3/3 flying token. The deck largely runs as a control deck with Wasitora swinging in for the kill. Double Strike enablers and extra combat steps help Wasitora get more triggers.

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Wasitora herself is the main win condition. She needs protection to avoid getting priced out. Also, haste enablers ensure she can connect the turn she comes into play.
Wasitora can't do all of the controlling. The deck has a lot of targeted removal and boardwipes to keep the battlefield clear for Wasitora.
Extra combat steps and double strike enablers ensure that Wasitora gets extra triggers each combat (and add up the Commander damage more quickly)
With all the killing that Wasitora does, the deck includes multiple cards that benefit from death.


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Playtesting with Wasitora a few times, I'm finding that the deck seems to want to keep the board clear with Wasitora (and other removal) and gradually beat down opponents with Wasitora herself. Her token generation isn't consistent (more often I want to attack someone who DOES have a creature so that Wasitora can force them to sacrifice it). I've taken out some of the token synergies and added a bit more "death matters" cards. I'm wondering if I should continue to focus in this direction or try to make the token generation work more. Any thoughts on this would be apprectiated


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