I began working on this deck back in 2016, and it started out with Saskia at the helm. That is why it's named "Warrior at Heart" - because I desperately wanted a legendary mega-multicoloured warrior, and she was the closest thing available. But NOW! Now, we actually have a true blue, and red, white, green, as well as black, Warrior Legend - that is also a frickin' LORD!!! I cannot stop doing mental somersaults with sheer joy and excitement!

This is in no way meant to be a competitive deck - but it is, none the less, extremely versatile - but, most importantly, super fun and exciting to pilot.

Things that I feel make this deck absolutely awesome:

Tokens: This deck produces no less than 7 unique Warrior tokens - which makes for a cool aesthetic.

Legends: There's 26 different legendary Warriors in here - including Najeela - which, again, makes for sweet imagery: A wholly unique band of menacing "Player Character"-looking motherfuckers.

TIMMAH!: We have 5 whole colours! 5! It's a giant buffet. A veritable cornucopia of Goodstuff! Anthem-effects galore! Unearth! Ramp! Recursion! Spot Removal! Lifegain! Drawpower! WOOHOOO!

FYI: I am well aware that numerous infinite combos with Najeela exist, but Imma steer clear of them. She's already insanely, bonkerously, ridonkulously, CRAZY good without going infinite :D

Do comment and suggest away :)


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A billion thanks for all the awesome input I've received over time. I've just made a HUGE purchase (huge by my stadards :P ) and it includes a good deal of the cards in my maybebóard, as well as some of the cards that were just commented, but never "technically" suggested. I've bought way more cards than I think I can actually mash in here without removing a lot of cards that I love and that are considered "core" to the deck. but, we'll see what happens :D

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