The goal of this deck is to make a ton of tokens and ramp into Warp World, and then proceed to cast it multiple times till everyone is dead.

Warp World Finishers

Getting Warp World

Tutors: - Mystical Tutor: best to cast the end step before your turn before when you are ready to cast Warp World. - Vampiric Tutor - Gamble: I recommend casting this when you have some sort of recursion in hand for if Warp World gets discarded or for something that will guarantee Warp World, like another tutor. - Demonic Tutor

Recursion: These cards are best or getting Warp World back into hand after it has resolved. Since Warp World will already be in the graveyard when these triggers are put on the stack, they can all get it back. - Eternal Witness - Skullwinder - Izzet Chronarch - Woodfall Primus - Mnemonic Wall - Archaeomancer

It is notable to callout that Riftsweeper is included to protect against Warp World getting exiled.

Multiple Warp Worlds

Since this deck profits so much off of Warp World resolving as many times as possible there are a few ways to get multiple Warp World resolutions per single casting.

  • Hive Mind: personally this is the one card in the deck that I want on the battlefield as much as possible when I cast Warp World. Since this deck is weak to couterspells, having up to 3 additional copies when you cast Warp World pretty much ensures that at least one will resolve. It also allows for less effort or need of hitting recursion per cast.
  • Riku of Two Reflections: Good value creature in this deck. Allows for copying of the token makers as well as Warp World.
  • Wort, the Raidmother: Not as good as Riku, but allows for doubling up on Warp World and the tutors.


The ramp for this deck is fairly standard. Mix of multiple land drops, mana rocks, and traditional green ramp.

Only thing to note is that the deck is fairly heavy in Green and Red so most of the non rainbow rocks contain at least one of those colors.


This mana base was just pulled from what I already had in MTGO and is not realistic for paper with all the OG duals and fetchlands.

If looking to cut lands for budget, I highly recommend not putting in any more "enters the battlefield tapped" lands. You really want your lands to enter untapped as much as possible so you have access to all the mana that Warp World will warp you into.

Backup plan

PLAN B: If Warp World is not realistic or has been permanently dealt with, the deck runs The Great Aurora as a backup one time Warp World.

PLAN C: Since the main goal of this deck is so janky I felt is was necessary to build in just a typical solid go wide win-con through Craterhoof Behemoth or Avenger of Zendikar since they both are good hits off of Warp World in the main gameplan.

NOTE: This deck intentionally does not run any of the token doubling enchantments as they enter after all of the permanents off of Warp World. I tried to make them work but they are just duds when they are hit off Warp World so they have been cut for other options.

Budget cuts

This is a list of the cuts I would make in the order I would make/recommend them. Please note that I have not tested any of these changes (aside from 1) in the deck I play on MTGO.

  1. OG duals:
  2. Mana Crypt -> Farhaven Elf This is the only change to the deck I have actually played with.
  3. Fetchlands:
  4. Dual lands:
  5. Misc Lands:
  6. Mana Vault -> Gruul Signet
  7. Vampiric Tutor -> Diabolic Tutor/Long-Term Plans
  8. Demonic Tutor -> Diabolic Intent/Dark Petition/Wishclaw Talisman
  9. Azusa, Lost but Seeking -> Dryad of the Ilysian Grove
  10. Cyclonic Rift -> Flood of Tears
  11. Craterhoof Behemoth -> End-Raze Forerunners


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