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Warforged Rat Factory ( needs help! )

Commander / EDH



I wanted to make a different kind of token deck that relies on making weapons and multiple pack rats, its not all heavily reliant on this with Avacyn and Worldslayer for early Opponent field wipe and a few others combos like voltaic key and jesters cap to get rid of cards that could be a threat to the deck. It has its search cards so you can get out Mirari's wake out for more mana generation so you can only tap 3 lands instead of 6 for planar portals searches and other cards for some control like Lightmine field or no mercy to make the opponent make hard choices. I wanted to make a deck a bit different from others yet still sorta be a token deck but in this case the tokens are both equipment and rats. This deck came to mind when i found an old Packrat card from my trades and i got a silly thought about it wielding a tiny sword and going into battle with several other Packrats with swords making war squeaks as they slaughter their foes. I would appreciate all the help from everyone and i really do want to make this a good deck while still sticking to the theme of small rats and swords but i'm not all that good at deck building though... so that's why i need your help making this a better deck with suggestions and possible combos to make this deck work better at doing what it does. I love this deck and all i want to do is make it stronger and have fun playing it, thanks everyone.


thanks everyone for taking a look at this project and hopefully i get more input on changes, right now i'm starting to trade/purchase/other the cards i need and so far things are going well! Hope i get more suggestions soon but all and all, i think i'm happy with this but there is always room for improvement. ( thanks everyone )


ZanzabarPD says... #1

hello comment tutorial

November 30, 2016 8:32 p.m.

joshuaizac says... #2

While I'm not particularly a huge fan of decks like this that wanna spike/combo all over....I have to say it's weird to see Soul Foundry in a deck like this...weirder still to not see Mimic Vat in addition to it (or instead of it). Additionally....No Necrotic Ooze?

December 10, 2016 2:43 a.m.

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