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Wanderer Oathbreaker (Mono-White Burn)

Oathbreaker Casual Control Hatebears Mono-White



Deck is still a WIP

The goal is to play a bunch of damage artifacts and enchantments like Ankh of Mishra and have Wanderer protect you from the damage.

Cool interactions the deck wants to pull off:

Armageddon + Dingus Egg : Can potentially be used as a finisher depending on how many lands your opponents have.

Ankh of Mishra + Armageddon + Second Sunrise : A more convoluted way to do the Dingus Egg combo but with a similar result. Ankh + Armageddon can help you get into a good position on their own, since people are forced to take damage if they want to catch back up. Second Sunrise is flexible in that it can either protect your board against wipes or can be used as a finisher as mentioned above.

Cleansing Nova + Dingus Staff or any other wrath: Should wipe out any token decks

Angel's Trumpet + Lightmine Field : Either your opponents attack into Minefield or take damage from Angel's trumpet.

Angel's Trumpet + Peacekeeper : Similar to the combo above, but now people are forced to take damage.

The signature spell can be used to slow opponents down or as a finisher with either Dingus Egg or DIngus Egg. Debating on whether to change it to Enlightning tutor

If you have any recommendations, feel free to leave a comment!


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