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Walking Nightmare (Zurgo Helmsmasher)

Commander / EDH Aggro Artifact RBW (Mardu) Theme/Gimmick Voltron


Variation from my Pauper Zurgo deck -- this one can actually pack-a-punch!


A quick rundown of the deck..

This deck is certainly Voltron and is designed to bring out Zurgo fast and hard with:

Also, while we have him out it just makes sense to utilize his power by dealing double the damage! This can be done multiple ways:

The last thing this deck excels at is wraths and removal. There are 14 boardwipes (15 if you include Vandalblast ) in this deck that operate to utilize Zurgo's indestructibility on my turn.

Because of all the boardwipes, most of the other removal in this deck is exile based to remove and other threats that may survive the wraths.

FOR A LEGAL 1v1 VARIATION OF THIS DECK: - Swap out Strip Mine and Sol Ring for whatever you believe is relevant.

Comments, suggestions and +1's are always appreciated!

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Thanks everybody for the suggestions! This deck has been getting better and better with all of your input. I've archived the comments for a new discussion.

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