I have decided not to build this deck as it is lacking a bit more interesting theme and I already own a "Big Mana" deck (Dragons of the Maelstrom).

It's easy to believe you're a god when you're twice as powerful as everyone else.

Deck Description

I am Sheld and this is my prototype of a Golos deck with Maze wincon and Multicolored tribal subtheme. Golos can be a lot more powerful (e.g. the Narset -like Golos decks) but I've tried to make a casual-friendly deck with him as our meta is very casual in general.

I do not own this deck yet but it might be the next one I'm buying.

Give the deck +1 if you like it. Any suggestions are very much appreciated. :-)

Deck Strategy

  • Obviously, you want to ideally start the game with some ramp in your hand as the average CMC of the deck is pretty high.

  • Whenever you search your library for a land and can grab a Gate, do so.

  • Once you cast Golos , use his ETB effect to find the Maze's End .

  • Use Golos 's activated ability to gain tempo and survive until you find all your Gates.

  • It is a good practice to not cast lands before you use Golos 's activated ability if possible as you might exile some Gates that you couldn't cast and you would ruin your main wincon. (It is fine if it happens once, as there are 11 Gates in the deck and you only need 10.)

  • If your opponents destroy more than one of your Gates you will have to use Emergency Powers to get them back or win with the multicolored creature tribal, which is very much possible thanks to the insane tempo Golos can provide.

My Decks

Izzet a pun? Dragons of the Maelstrom A bit of pain never hurts.
Izzet a pun?
Dragons of the Maelstrom
A bit of pain never hurts.


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