Are you a troll? Do you wish your games of EDH would last forever? Do the moans and groans of your closest friends, mortal enemies, and smelliest neckbeards at your LGS bring you unbridled joy?...

Then look no further than this deck.

"Wait, What?" is exactly the deck you've been looking for. This deck wins by not winning, and when it doesn't win, you lose knowing everyone fucking hates you. Come with me and I'll guide you through the wonderful world of Norin the Wary and all the fuckery that comes along with him.

Xeroxing: You have Fork , Reverberate , Mages' Contest , Reiterate , Radiate , & Wild Ricochet . These spells are clutch utility. These are your dupes, your counters, & and possibly a win con. Your opponent is never expecting to counter his counter/win combo with these cards, so don't be so quick to use these spells early game, hang on and make these powerhouses count.

Where the fuck is it?: Tutoring in red is damn near impossible. You have two cards that can help. Hoarding Dragon will let you find any Artifact you need, while Gamble will let you find anything you need (most of the time). Beyond those tutors, there is a fair amount of card draw in here - so you should be able to get things you need and want into your hand pretty quick.

Shit! I need that back!: There isn't a ton of recursion in this deck, so going back to the first section - make sure you keep your instants close the vest, once you use them, they are gone. It's a different story for Artifacts, Enchantments, and Sorceries. You have Goblin Welder and Trading Post to fish back up any Artifacts you need. Crystal Chimes will fetch you back all of your Enchantments. Anarchist will let you pull back 1 sorcery (Maybe you need that Gamble back?). There is no creature recursion other than Squee, the Immortal - but he only looks out for himself.

What else?: You are probably sitting there saying "That's cool and all citrusface, but how do I win?"... and you know what? Fuck if I know - I don't know why all you little slugs like this deck. I never built this deck to win - it was built to be a piece of shit that wouldn't let a game end...

BUT... here are some ways you might be able to win with Norin the Wary as your "Commander."

Insurrection is stupid and requires zero skill to win with and you should feel bad if you win with this card... with that being said - this card will win you the game, which is absolutely why it is in the deck. If you want to be a real dick, combo Insurrection with Tooth and Claw or Mogg Infestation and just sac everything into oblivion and get a ton of ETB triggers from all your other enchantments, then just prolong the game even more... or win if that's what you are into. I don't care.

Firecat Blitz is a card that people underestimate, but this card can combo in with Pandemonium and/or Warstorm Surge can put some late game hurt down - especially if you have a damage doubler like Furnace of Rath on the board.

Radiate can get you a win if someone throws a massive single target bomb out.

Tooth and Claw may be the most important card in this deck. It’s a sac outlet that also generates creatures. With all the enchantments that have ETB and ETGY trigger - it shouldn’t be hard to see why this card can get you the W.

These are just some of the set ups you can get to win - but really, this deck is going to win by nickel and diming people to death. Its an attrition deck. 1 damage here, 2 damage there, you can't untap that, sorry your hand is too big - go ahead and discard that, whoops - wrong target, thanks - I'll take that, hey trade with me, and so on, and so on, it just never ends. So just strap in and enjoy the ride, it's gonna be a long one.

So that's it - those are my thoughts on the deck. For all of you that have built this deck or are planning on building this deck - let me know how your games went, I'd love to hear your play stories.

Lastly - I don't think I'll be updating this deck anymore. I've had a great time building and tinkering with this over the last 8 years or so, but its time to let someone else take up the mantle of fuckery. I will still build decks occasional, but I focus more on budget EDH/Commander now.

Fuck it - maybe ill build a budget version later so all you cheapskates can enjoy Norin too.

Good luck assholes. -citrusface


Updates Add

Hey Shitheads,

No new cards, but I just cleaned up the description.

I just want to let you all know that I will no longer be working on this deck. I love it but its time to let it go.

I am focusing on more budget gaming these days because my broke ass can't keep up with the cost of MTG cards which is a real shame. Fuck, when I built this deck 7 years ago I think it cost maybe $80? Which was still expensive at the time, but I built it with shit I had in my collection... but now it costs 300-400 to buy this deck? that's insane.

I will try to build a budget version of Norin if i can so everyone can enjoy him... sometime.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the support and help over the years making "Wait, what?" one of the most popular decks on Tapped Out.

Thanks dickheads. Good luck. - Citrusface

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