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This is my travel/Modern Deck. My average Mana cost is 2.5 and the deck flows really nicely. The Hollows and Holy days buy me the needed amount of time to get the bigger creatures out there. Along with the Pacifism.But I'll able to inflict heavy damage early and often with The Vexing Devils,Goblin Guide, and the lightning Bolts. And with Pacifism holding creatures steady I can Attack at will.

The Armillary Sphere is awesome incase im low on mana, and need one or the other. The other higher mana Creatures are great cause they all have special abilities that can really thin out any arm especially Sunblast Angel and Gisela.

Please Rate and SuggestP.S Don't tell me some cards are Random I enjoy playing an exciting game. High Risk/High Reward.

Thanks Again


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