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Another conccoction out of love for the Agent of Bolas.
The deck wants to control the game until it can land a game winner like wurmcoil engine or myr battlesphere, while abusing Tezzeret's ultimate ability as a basically unstoppable Sorin's Vengeance.

Myr battlesphere is nice with tezzeret because it's a 20 point lifeswing on its own. Together with the early artifacts like mortarpod, spellskite, ratchet bomb, sphere of the suns and pristine talisman, there's a good chance it's lethal without having ever attacked!

All these cards (except for sphere) are great showstoppers for aggro decks like RDW, U/W Humans and Illusions, with some extra precautions in Black sun's zenith. Against control the way to go is playing control yourself with the 7 maindeck counterspells and doom blades.

It's fun and works very well, playtest it and +1 if you like it!!



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