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Volrath, the Fate Sealer

Commander / EDH* BUG (Sultai)



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Brewing for the new Volrath card!

Current build is a hybrid of infect and combo, with the game-plan that both will feed off of the counters that the deck can put out.

Very early initial testing looks good!

  • The deck is in need of some decent duals and fetches but this early version uses green to ramp and fix well enough that they are not as missed as they could be. They are currently the most expensive upgrade with the least gain, so I am focusing on the core of the deck before upgrading the lands.

  • The key idea here is to put together a board that can push counters onto creatures that Volrath wants to copy.

  • We either want to get into evasion and infect, or be able to bounce between tapping for lots of mana and un-tapping with a net gain of mana, counters, exile effects, etc.

  • Experiment Kraj acts as a sort of back-up commander for the combo side of things, and Skithiryx is our best Infect backup.



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