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Thou Shall Unseal Thy Temur Soul

Standard Burn Combo Competitive Ramp RUG (Temur)



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Forest, Forest, Forest, and the pounding starts. All that is needed is three mana to begin the stomping.
Versatile and adaptive deck to win either by power overload with trample or unsealing the dragon power. Most importantly if your opponent is negligible, she is the one to say the last word before your victory and his defeat.

Post Rotation Swaps!!!

  • 2x Hashep Oasis (HOU) + 4x Sheltered Thicket (AKH) for 6x Forest

  • 4x Aether Hub(KLD) for 4x Forest

  • 2x Rhonas the Indomitable (AKH)for 2x Ripjaw Raptor (XLN)

  • 1x Heroic Intervention (AER)for 1x Wayward Swordtooth (RIX)

Sideboard is subject to constant change to fit current meta, thus no rotation proof replacements for it.

Also await update with new Ravnica sets!




100% Competitive

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