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Thou Shall Unseal Thy Stompy Soul

Standard Burn Combo Competitive Ramp RG (Gruul)


Suggestions welcome. Appreciate the upvote and views.

Forest, Forest, Forest, and the pounding starts. All that is needed is three mana to begin the stomping... not anymore, 'cause we got pelts !... which are now worn by Chupacabra since he ate the Pelt Collector .
Versatile and adaptive deck to win either by power overload with trample or unsealing the dragon power. Most importantly if your opponent is negligible, she is the one to say the last word before your victory and his defeat.
I have been delaying to move Sarkhan's Unsealing to the sideboard for a while. Because of Mortify and other enchantment removals that are plentiful in the meta it is difficult to reach the combo. Thus Sarkhan's Unsealing is now in the sideboard for situational matchups. Due to aggressive decks like "Big Red" and "Mono Blue Tempo" I felt to switch this deck to aggressive yet resilient type too.
In order to be able to Unseal the soul of the dragon without using dragons, we need a couple of things. First and foremost we try our best to have Sarkhan's Unsealing in our hand when we start. Then we try our best to put it on the field and ramp using Thunderherd Migration and Commune with Dinosaurs + Wayward Swordtooth . It's easy and straightforward after that. Any card we play with Sarkhan's Unsealing on field that has 7 or more power will wipe the board even if it doesn't resolve. Bye bye counters. Second way is to play this deck more as a mono green ramp hexproof and try to get ahead with Risk Factor and Nullhide Ferox . For those who still do not realise this, Inferno Hellion is 4 mana 7 power creature that triggers board wipe with Sarkhan's Unsealing . Thus we do not and will not play creatures with power less than 4 in this deck. We can outclass the aggro decks as it is, because Sarkhan's Unsealing steals the board state on turn 4.
Will accept criticism and consider feedback. I am the master of this page and owner of the deck. I do as I will as this is MY deck. I will only consider suggestions, and not accept and implement them right away. All the hate , please carry out the window.





97% Competitive

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