The city is in disarray, the masses unsettled, a rebellion is surely afoot. These thoughts and more rapidly collide in your mind as you rattle your half empty chalice. Looking out over the veranda into the falling city bellow an aloof shock plagues your gaze. "My city, my blessed city...may the gods have mercy." You mutter. Authority and austere command must be quickly implemented less you see your capital in ruin, but what good is The name of the game is Tunnel Visions. Tuck threats with the likes of Hinder, Spell Crumple, Banishing Stroke, Condemn or Spin Into Myth, then tunnel through their library. This is a pure blue and white control deck. It plays very passively and reactionary. You're stocked full of creature and spell recursion and the board wipes/spot removal and counters to boot. Flick your ETB's with Deadeye, Mistmeadow Witch, and Venser. Rush your artifact ramp and Vedalken Orrey with your tutors and wait for your moment to strike while you subtly net tons of card advantage with the great goddess of the polis. Between your propaganda effects, a transformed thaumatic compass, and mystifying maze you can sit virtually unscathed against mass assault. Particularly when you have your Revilark and Karmic Guide online. A steady diet of Austere Commands and overloaded Cyclonic Rifts doesn't hurt either. Just make sure you have a Mimic Vat out for the former and one of your relearn creatures to recur your spells. That's pretty much the gist of this deck. It's actually a ton of fun to play and not so oppressive that you'll garner hate. Just be prepared for the long-haul and brush up on your politics.



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