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Vintage Jaco Eldrazi

Vintage Eldrazi


This is a (relatively) colourless Eldrazi list. It's based on Jason Jaco's deck that came 10th at NYSE IV that was covered quite heavily on the Serious Vintage Podcast.

The Plan

T1 Chalice for zero, or Tomb for Null Rod, or both. Then stomp, stomp, stomp and hope to get there. Thank god there's no Terminus in Vintage.

The Sideboard Plan

  • Does it Dredge? Well, you'll want Cages and Leyline of the Void.
  • Does it Oath? Well, you'll also want those Cages.
  • Does it Tendrils? Well, you'll want Leyline of Sanctity.
  • Does it Mentor? Well, kill that thing with a Spatial Contortion.

I think you get the idea...


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