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Landfall for the win!

Potential play:(O.T Represents opponents turn)

Turn 1: Bayou -> Exploration -> Verdant Catacombs ---x Pass

O.T. ---x End step crack your Verdant Catacombs -) Overgrown into play

Turn 2: Land -> Horn of Greed -> Land-> Draw

O.T ---x

Turn 3: Bloodghast/ Vinelasher Kudzu -> Land -> draw ->

continue untill you get Storm Cauldron and at least 3 ADDITIONAL land a turn, float mana, bounce to hand, play land, make Vinelasher Kudzu bigger and return Bloodghast back to play.

Also, Storm Cauldron + Manabond + Vinelasher Kudzu = Dominance...


Updates Add

Edit*** At the suggestion of gheridarigaaz, I put Wastelands in.

At the suggestion of my friend, Life of the loam has gone in, Also, Nantuko Cultivator has been taken out for Vinelasher Kudzu , Its a little bit faster, and will continue to get bigger.

Also, Bloodghast has been added by my own though, just to get some more stuff going early game...


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