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Dark Maverick variant

1 Ghost Quarter because it actually has some tech to it and legacy is a basic light format.

Dark Depths combo because you're playing Knight of the Reliquary so why not.

Collected Company as Green Suns 5 and 6. It also replaces Sylvan Library in the deck.

Choke is for blue decks.

Zealous Persecution is for Young Pyromancer decks, as well as the occasional Empty the Warrents. It is also good against decks like Death and Taxes and Elves.

Ethersworn Canonist is for Storm decks including Belcher decks.

Gaddock Teeg is for Storm as well, but it also helps the Miracles match-up.

Oblivion Ring is for Show and Tell based decks, but it also comes in against decks like MUD and Reanimator.

Rest in Peace is for graveyard based decks and sometimes Tarmogoyf based decks as well.

Thoughtseize is for combo decks and any other deck you want more disruption against.


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