Ninjustu has always been one of my favorite mechanics, and now the PERFECT commander for the silent killers has arrived! Basic deck strategy, use your cheap unblockable creatures to zap in your ninjas, and leech the board w/ Yuriko's broken ability. Enchantments to help your non-ninja cards conform, couple tutors (because why not?), a decent amount of high CMC cards to help deal some serious damage w/ Yuriko, and a few cards to stack the top of your deck in your favor.


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After a couple test plays, the deck seemed to have some issues getting Yuriko out consistently, and getting her through the opponents defenses. Added some cards to help w/ the ninjustu ability (mainly more cheap, hard-to-stop creatures) and cards to assist the ninjas to slip in for some damage. Removed cards that felt too bulky or slow, or just didn't help the overall agenda of the deck. Those cards have been put into the Maybe section.


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