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Vexing Zoo - Remix (feat. Death's Shadow)

Modern Aggro Burn Competitive RBW (Mardu) Reanimator Zoo



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Vexing Zoo

A deck built around the card Vexing Devil and it's ETB effect recurring and overwhelming with a myriad of different cards (that will soon be mentioned) to make your opponent confused about what to do when you bring in a devil, or other threat.

Ideally you want to have at least one Vexing Devil and/or a Faithless Looting in your opening hand in order to stimulate the rest of the non-creature spells.

8x Fetch
7x Shock (RBW)
1x Swamp
1x Plains
1x Graven Cairns - it can do a lot for some early game fixing if you want to prepare fetched lands for future card drops.

All creatures are very importantly one drops and can all be brought in and utilized as quickly as possible from your hand and the graveyard in the early game. Later in the game, prowess can be triggered multiple times per turn on Monastery Swiftspear , and Death's Shadow can be brought back for maximum effect if you've exhausted your Phyrexian Mana.

The next list of spells are all able to bring in our cheap creatures from the graveyard, ideally Vexing Devil...if you hadn't guessed.

  1. Claim / Fame - the newest addition to this card pool, which seems to have made the deck a more viable option.
  2. Postmortem Lunge - An old favorite of mine, which bodes well for a dead Death's Shadow lying in wait.
  3. Profane Command - A card that can bring a creature back in a pinch but offers more versatility, allowing your team through.
  4. Orzhov Charm - The only instant speed reanimating spell. The last two modes are beneficial to the deck as a whole.

***If an opponent makes you sacrifice a Vexing Devil that has come in off of a Postmortem Lunge, it goes to your graveyard and is not exiled at the end of your turn which allows you to recycle the devil.

  1. Lightning Bolt - Is lightning bolt, and helps in a few different scenarios.
  2. Faithless Looting - Helps us draw into creatures and fuel reanimating spells.
  3. Mutagenic Growth - a free pump spell when you get a chance to swing, that should turn on...
  4. ...Temur Battle Rage - 's Ferocious ability for all of our creatures

The two cards that I am playing around with right now are Immortal Servitude and Undying Evil . I am also considering Become Immense, Surgical Extraction and Noxious Revival for these slots.

Early into this deck's creation it was featured on the front page, which gave me a lot of good feedback from many helpful people (THANK YOU!). I hope this deck can prove itself to be a bit more competitive. If you have any feedback I would love to hear it.

If you find the deck to be fun or helpful, please tap that upvote at the top and/or leave a comment below!


I switched the creatures back over toward a smaller number and upped some of the spells I originally planned on having in the deck. I think I've found a good balance with splashing white for Orzhov Charm, and maintaining my original plan.

That being said, I'd like to try and swing it more towards dealing with the current meta but I'm not entirely sure how yet.

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