Hello fellow Planeswalkers, today I am showcasing a deck I have been working on for a while now and it's something I like to call Grim Shadow. I am now utilizing Grim Flayer to get cards into my graveyard more effectively for delve and Traverse the Ulvenwald while making himself larger by midgame.

Similar to how Grixis functions, we're looking to damage ourselves to make our Death's Shadow bigger for the midgame.

  • In the early game, we have Wild Nacatl and Monastery Swiftspear for threats and maybe even open with a Thoughtseize , which is a staple for this deck. It gives us knowledge of our opponent while being able to remove big threats. The 2 damage it makes us take is just icing on the cake.

  • In our land base, we're running primarily shocks and fetch lands to help aid in this strategy.

  • Midgame, we'll be looking to drop our Death's Shadow . Cards like Goblin Bushwhacker and Temur Battle Rage will help you close out the game.

While Street Wraith is common in decks like this, Mishra's Bauble actually works really well in our favor. A free spell then nets us draw and knowledge. Your opponent just used a scry and you want to know what it is? Not sure if you should use your fetch? Bauble is there to help you out! Traverse the Ulvenwald is there to tutor our Shadow.
  • Dismember and Mutagenic Growth helps as well with their Phyrexian Mana and provide some mainboard removal and pumping power respectively.
  • Hooting Mandrills kind of acts like a Gurmag Angler in this deck, but comes with that nifty trample.
  • Assassin's Trophy is strong removal for anything our other cards cannot get rid of.
  • Lightning Bolt is good for removal and for finishing games.
  • Claim / Fame is nice for getting our Death's Shadow back from the grave.

  • Anger of the Gods against aggro.

  • Assassin's Trophy offers better removal.
  • Damping Sphere hurts tron, amulet titan, infect and storm.
  • Destructive Revelry enchantment/artifact hate.
  • Dragon's Claw Great against Burn and any deck that is primarily red. Synergizes with our own deck as well.
  • Fatal Push Removal for aggro matchups.
  • Faith's Shield provides further protection for our Death's Shadow
  • Scavenging Ooze stops dredge and any other graveyard decks. Good targets to replace Grim Flayer if our opponent's play graveyard hate.
  • I hope you enjoyed this deck as it's a really spicy deck to play with. People don't quite expect this deck to be like this and fares well within the meta! If you like Death's Shadow and you like Zoo, give this build a try!


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