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This deck has a number of elements that attempt to set up board control. I'll go over the deck by breaking it down two ways. First I'll look at the mana curve, and second I'll break it down into my plan at the early, middle, and late game stages.

Spells by Mana Curve:

One CMC Spells (7):4x preordain3x spell pierce

Two CMC Spells (10):3x mana leak2x into the roil3x squadron hawk2x wall of omens

Three CMC Spells (7):3 Jace Beleren2 cancel2 tumble magnet

Four CMC Spells (4):4 Day of Judgment

Five CMC Spells (4):3 Venser, the sojourner1 Mnemonic Wall

Six CMC Spells (4):2 Frost Titan2 Exclusion Ritual

Basic Plan:

Early game:

In the early game I have a number of elements going on.

First of all I am trying to gain card advantage on the opponent with 4x preordain, and 2x wall of omens

I also have early countering, 3x mana leak, and 3x spell pierce for cards that my chump blockers cannot deal with.

As for chump blockers I have Squadron hawk, and wall of omens

to round out the early game I have a little removal in the form of into the roil.

Mid game:

First I continue to attempt to gain card advantage over the opponent. Into the roil comes back into play here as removal, but with its kicker cost it also lets us draw a card. Jace Beleren is our main means of getting and continuing to maintain card advantage in the mid to late game. I might replace him with papa Jace, but the Baby version fits into the mana curve rather nicely, and can destroy Papa Jace should he hit the field.

We should still have countering ability in the midgame due to the amount of mana leak and spell pierce, and also have 2x cancel to help out.

Even with all the counters, chump blockers and card advantage our opponent may still have a large amount of force at his disposal. This is where the third part of our midgame comes into the picture, removal and shutdown. The major removal card is Day of Judgment, which there are four of, although into the roil can function as dual midgame removal/card advantage as well. Tumble magnet also comes into play to shut down specific dangerous threats if day of judgment isn't drawn or is countered.

Late game:

The late game is where things really get fun. Venser, The Sojourner, steps in along with his pals the frost titan and the wonderful Exclusion ritual. Venser has some synergy with the early game cards like wall of omens and tumble magnet, but is mostly here to set up a late game lockdown. This lockdown consists of venser exiling the friendly permanents Frost Titan, Exclusion Ritual, or Mnemonic Wall, and bringing them back into play at the end step to trigger their ETB/CIP effects.

The frost titan can attack, super tap an opponents permanent, be phased out by Venser, come into play untaped and tap another permanent. Similarly Exclusion ritual can exile permanents and prevent other permanents of the same name from being cast, and Mnemonic wall can continually recover all of those instants and sorceries from early/midgame. Finally, once this has been done several times, Venser can trigger his ultimate and one can simply play spells and watch the opponents permanents be cast into oblivion.


  1. Issue one (Synergy): I used to run this deck with a lot of synergy between venser and the early/midgame cards. The problem with this is that without venser in play I had a lot of semi useful cards. Glimmerpoint stag helped this, but is a also a mana intensive card that does not fit well into my mana curve.

Instead I have attempted to play a lot of instants/sorceries geared towards keeping me alive until I can get out Venser and one of his game ending toys. This setup has the problem of needing both venser and one of his toys to have any kind of late game at all. I am not sure how to reconcile these two options.

  1. Issue two (Reserved):

Sideboard:I am an old player re-entering the tourney scene and I am pretty unsure as to how to run my sideboard, so any help here would be much appreciated.

For now I have this

Control:+1 Spell Pierce+1 Mana Leak+2 Luminarch Ascension-4 Day of Judgment

Aggro:+ ?- 2 spell pierce

Combo:+ 3 surgical extraction- ?

Valakut:+3 Spreading Seas+3 Leyline of Sanctity- ?



mazil says... #1

I'll just throw this card out there because I have it in my venser deck. Blue Eyes, Light Soul

I run Lone Missionary . He's pretty good. But it's just an idea, not a suggestion.

June 17, 2011 4:44 a.m.

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