Basically a deck that tries to win by using powerful Enters the Battlefield abilities which are abused with Venser, Cloudshift, and Ghostly Flicker.

Fiend Hunter can be used to permanently exile creatures when used in combo with Cloudshift

Reveillark can keep bringing back most of my deck

Stonehorn Dignitary can lock them out of attack phases. And the effect stacks. So, if you play it from hand then blink it in one turn your opponent misses two attack phases.

Wall of Omens and Knight of the White Orchid provide sufficient early game defence and mana ramp/upkeep. Very effective cards I've found

Blade Splicer is obviously and 3 drop star and combined with flying from Wing Splicer you have a win condition!

Captain of the Watch doesn't even have to be explained... .so many soldiers to be made unblockable by Venser.

There are lots of other awesome combos which is why i like this deck. I'M SURE IT CAN BE IMPROVED tho, so let me know what you think! Thanks!

        --------Comments and +1's are very welcome!----------


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