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Vengeance of the Nivmagus

Standard Burn Control U/R (Izzet)



Hello to all players!!

im just gonna say now that yes, this would do well with delver but..... but personal preference says NOOOOOO, so if you plan on sleeving this up after RTR comes out, go ahead and slide those in here if you want. now on to the deck

my first thoughts when Nivmagus Elemental was spoiled was to HOLY SHIZZNIT this is AWESOME!!!!! then when my brain had calmed down from its insanity, i started thinking about what decks this would be good in. my first thought was to use it as a counterspell hater in a red burn deck, but I then realized that it would probably slow that deck down. But anyway, as i was looking through burn spells for that deck and i saw Geistflame and I started to have a little convo with myself

Me 1: could be a good gut shot replacement

Me 2: ya, and the flashback could be useful

Me 1: probably, but how do you fell abo...... WAIT a sec

Me 2: what!! what is it!!!

Me 1: Burning Vengeance!!

Me 2: YES! Do it!

and so my idea changed and this was the result. I feel like a quick run down of the card choices is appropriate

Nivmagus Elemental- The shining star of this deck. eats up your flashed backed spells like there is no tomorrow.

Faithless Looting- a cheap draw spell that lets me filter through my deck for other key spells

Geistflame- an easy way to deal with non flipped delvers, or is an extra ping to the face]]

Artful Dodge one of the best spells in my deck. makes the elemental bigger and unblockable for 2 mana. easy way to get in those last few points of damage

Devil's Play- another finisher, and can have x be zero for the flashback if I wanna exile it

Burning Vengeance- a key card that deals alot of damage. having multiples out is the best =)

hope you guys like my deck. feel free to comment or +1, and have fun in every game that the Nivmagus Elemental whoops your butt, because you know that your opponent will be


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