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Velveeta, the Infinite

Commander / EDH


There are a variety of win conditions available to this deck, but they mainly need a sacrifice outlet to be worthwhile (not all - some combo with the Deadeye Navigator).

Rite of Replication / Infinite Reflection get played on Vela when you reach critical mass and will explode all of your opponents. The rite will deal 36 dmg (vela + her 5 copies all die simultaneously each triggering 6 times ~ 6x6), and if you play Infinite Reflections on her with creatures already in play then they will deal n-squared damage to all opponents where n is the number of non-token (i keep forgetting that part) creatures you have in play when the aura hits Vela.

Other combos are available so you're not always searching for one miracle card.

The manabase was pretty hastily thrown together with available lands and could be improved upon, without a doubt. Suggestions for other cards/combos are greatly appreciated.

to be filled in further, later...


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