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some obvious Mikeaues combos Show

-> or with River Kelpie + any sacrifice card = draw. a lot.


Just a few examples. You can be creative: Retribution of the Ancients and Grim Poppet allows you to move or neutralize any +1+1 counters from non-human-creatures to enable Mike's undying effect for a loop.

token combos Show

Downside is that a creature needs to die and you need two more creatures for tapping. Reason to use Skirsdag High Priest: it's cheaper if you compare it with Bloodline Keeper  Flip ... I mean $$ cheaper.

Actually you just need a creature (attach with Nim) that produce at least 2 other tokens to sacrife them for generic mana to get this mechanic working.

Recursion and Reanimation Show

Hot flickering Show

Deadeye Navigator Show

working mechanics with Deadeye:

Handmanipulation Show

in addition... Show

I'm open minded and thankful for suggestions and improvements.


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