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Varina The Night Queen EDH Zombie Tribal

Commander / EDH Aggro Infinite Combo Tokens Tribal WUB (Esper) Zombie


My Zombie deck has evolved again! This time from Dimir to Esper. Hopefully, this deck will be more eventful than the last season of Game Of Thrones.

Esper adds a lot more removal options, destroying or exiling any permanent(s). You have some nice card draw mechanics and decent life gain. The deck maintains it's main themes, which mainly revolve around zombies overwhelming opponents or using a combo to drain everyone's life.

Biggest win con here is your zombies eating face, as zombies are prone to do. That, or if things are looking tight, you can go infinite with several life combos. Or just drop [Gray Merchant Of Asphodel] a few times. To get there, you have cards like Rooftop Storm or Zombie Apocalypse to fill the board, Rise of the Dark Realms can also win you the game, but it's a bit more mana so I cut it out (for now). Varina, the Lich Queen and her loot ability let's you dig for any answers you might need for your opponents, as well as selectively filling your graveyard full of zombies ready to crawl back out.

Some of the more notable pieces are [Bolas's Citadel], which will win you a game in it of itself. [Gravecrawler] is also an easy fit combo piece to many combos, providing an easy sac piece to many outlets. Although, the easiest win condition is probably [Grey Merchant of Asphodel], since all it has to do is hit the field. And he can hit the field a lot.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or suggestions!


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