With just Prime Speaker Vannifar and any other creature on board, we can repeatedly sacrifice the other creature to get a bigger creature that untaps Vannifar until we assemble our infinite Kiki-Jiki + Krasis combo. It takes three sequences of steps:

Sacrifice any 1 mana creature > Scryb Ranger > Exarch > Hippocamp > Conscripts > Bellower tutoring Krasis

Sacrifice Krasis > Hippocamp > Kiki-Jiki , copying Bellower , tutoring another Krasis

Krasis untaps Kiki-Jiki , which makes infinite copies of Krasis

This version has an advantage over other Vannifar combos because it goes infinite with Vannifar and any other creature. It also doesn't use the graveyard ( Sun Titan ), avoiding graveyard hate which is the most prevalent in Modern.

Tournament results

As of this moment, players have taken this deck (Goldfish version MTGGoldfish) to seven tournament top finishes. Congrats to all of you and give me a shout out if you can!!

Here's the first 5-0 result almost identical to our list, and the archetype has evolved slightly since then. I highly recommend swapping an Island for Sacred Foundry to accommodate the white splash since nobody has bothered to fix the land base!


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