Hey, this is my vampire deck. I know its not the best but i have a limit on what everything costs. Was wondering if you could help me fix it up, add stuff and take stuff out. My maybe board is what im considering using to replace some stuff in the deck. Thanks for your help.


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Have changed it a lot now. Put in some Gatekeeper of Malakir for filling in the 2 drops, and to get rid of some creatures before I attack. Added 3 Lightning Bolts for more 1 mana drops, considering I had hardly any. With that, I have put in Stromkirk Noble to hopefully get a creature out on turn 1. Please give me any more advice on what i should be doing to this deck to make it better. I like the idea I'm running, so I don't want it changed too much. But I am open to all opinions.Thanks in advance.


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