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Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire

Standard Tribal Vampires W/B (Orzhov)



Decided to make a new standard deck with going Vampire tribal using Black and White as my main colors. The deck is meant to go wide and to swarm my opponent, while also keeping up pressure from higher mana cost creatures and removal. I have updated and made changes to this deck, and it's been running pretty smooth! Any suggestions would be welcome :)


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After some playtesting and further advice from some friends after FNM, I decided to test out removing 2x Vona, Butcher of Magan for 2x Elenda, the Dusk Rose. Vona is a great card and can scare opponents, but the issue is until your next turn, he's only useful for blocking, and for being a 5 drop, it may be too late into the game to really stabilize. With Elenda, it's not only a 4 drop where you can play her earlier, but the utility of having a back up plan with all your creatures getting destroyed into becoming multiple tokens from Elenda is helpful. If you're cheeky, a useful combo would be a high powered Elenda + Fumigate, giving you a ton of tokens and life!

The second change would be putting Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip into the sideboard, replacing it with Radiant Destiny. As useful as Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip is with the land flip and draw power, it's not the best answer to draw and it doesn't have the instant draw power Champion of Dusk provides. Replacing with Radiant Destiny makes my creatures wider, and considering how easy to reach ascend with my deck is, the vigilance would also be extremely useful for both chump blocking with tokens and going all out.


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