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Greetings, I am Zeb and have been playing MTG for around 5 months. This is my first standard deck build and first tribal deck. I would appreciate any comments or critique of this build.

Well, to start this off the deck focus' on vampires and aims to create simplicity. The deck has several vantage points with the main one being creature pump. Rakish Heir, Stromkirk Noble, and Markov Blademaster all pumping from player damage and Rakish Heir stacking counters.

With the addition of a healthy source of Doom Blade, Shock, Nightbird's Clutches , Hideous Visage , and Crossway Vampire to feed the 'go ahead' for pumping. With the addition of Olivia Voldaren, Stromkirk Captain, and Onyx Mage to add control, first strike, and deathtouch to finish it all off. Added Surgical Extraction, Memoricide , and Ancient Grudge for control against pesky cards.

Personal favorite combo when it hits the board is Olivia Voldaren and Onyx Mage . Making her deathtouch and casting her first ability and killing opponent creatures.

This deck's only apparent weakness is enchantments. I have modified the sideboard to deal with it somewhat. It is slow though. If anyone has a idea to compensate for that but still be standard legal please inform me. Again, please comment and give suggestions. Don't forget to rate! Thank You.


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