Vamp aggro with a focus on +1/+1 bonuses for all and Bloodline Keeper to gen Vamp tokens.. No spell is greater than 4 cmc.

Also, this deck is Standard but without cards from sets going out in October 2012. I hope RtR will have some good cards to add to this deck and make it a little more aggressive, versatile but help to stick to the theme and concept.

I decided to remove the Stromkirk Nobles and place them in the side board with the speed/burn setup. I have yet to sit down and figure out what my swap out plan will be against a fast deck, but rest assures, it will be a much faster deck with the Nobles and burn spells. I am thinking that the sideboard swap will mostly include 4 cmc vamps and some of the removal as burn is a form of removal.

I have gotten suggestions at my LGS to get rid of my Disentombs but to be honest, they have really helped me recover my Bloodline Keeper and Olivia in a couple games. I have also been told that Mask of Avacyn is a bit much for the deck but I like the hexproof ability. I may swap them out for two more Disentombs which gives me more choice in the long run or swap the two Disentombs for more Masks and try to keep cards on the board longer. Not sure which would play better.

Night Terror seems like too much casting cost for the ability. I found myself holding two of them while my opponents had no hand. I think they are a bit much and will probably remove them. This may make switching to burn as a default easier.

I think I might even make the speed/burn variant my default.

Any card suggestions are welcome, but please stick to the theme (Vamps only with power/toughness bonuses). Thank you.

This may not be an original concept, but it is an original deck.


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Obviously, Cavern of Souls would be ripe for this deck, but due to their cost at the moment, I am limited to only one which is reflected above.

I also went ahead and removed the Cathedral's and added back a Mountain and a Swamp. I may swap a swamp for a mountain after playing and seeing how it draws.


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