Vamp Legacy Contamination (B)

Legacy Vampires

saguanau Score: 2


Monoblack vampires. Fast, unforgiving-- this deck doesn't have time for the usual horde of 5-drops, sporting only four Bloodline Keeper  Flip as lords. Control the field with Geth's Verdict and Gatekeeper of Malakir and keep those pesky tribal decks at bay with Nameless Inversion . All the while your opponents will be writhing in frustration as the four Hymn to Tourach and three Duress keep their hand down. After they remove your aggressive Vampire Nighthawk 3-drop, populate the field using Bloodline Keeper  Flip 's tap ability and keep your hand full using Skeletal Scrying . As an alternate win condition, keep Contamination on the field by producing tokens with Bloodline Keeper  Flip or landfalling Bloodghast in for a sacrifice.

Once you go monoblack, you never go back. ;D

--looking for suggestions with protecting the creatures once they hit the field

--going to replace 2x DIabloic Edict with 2x Geth's Verdict

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This deck is Legacy legal.

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