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Monoblack vampires. Fast, unforgiving-- this deck doesn't have time for the usual horde of 5-drops, sporting only four Bloodline Keeper  Flip as lords. Control the field with Geth's Verdict and Gatekeeper of Malakir and keep those pesky tribal decks at bay with Nameless Inversion. All the while your opponents will be writhing in frustration as the four Hymn to Tourach and three Duress keep their hand down. After they remove your aggressive Vampire Nighthawk 3-drop, populate the field using Bloodline Keeper  Flip's tap ability and keep your hand full using Skeletal Scrying . As an alternate win condition, keep Contamination on the field by producing tokens with Bloodline Keeper  Flip or landfalling Bloodghast in for a sacrifice.

Once you go monoblack, you never go back. ;D

--looking for suggestions with protecting the creatures once they hit the field

--going to replace 2x DIabloic Edict with 2x Geth's Verdict



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This deck is Legacy legal.

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