My first Oathbreaker

After Playtesting

This deck works extremely well, I have a 50% winrate so far even against combo decks. The reanimation effect of Sorin proved extremely useful for recurring Weaponcraft Enthusiast , Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle or Massacre Girl . Being able to hold ultimates at bay with his +2 also came into play multiple times.

Massacre Girl is still a bomb in this format, as it is more aggressive, with low drops needed to protect your planeswalkers. Mavren, Weaponcraft Enthusiast and Endrik Sahr, Master Breeder all worked extremely well to flood my board with fodder to attack with or sacrifice. Blocking early is key so I was surprised how good the cards you'd normally cut from EDH were.

I was rather upset that my signature spell didn't come into play. I'm not sure if I forgot it or didn't need it, but the 2 white and 5 other mana can be tricky here. Perhaps more playtesting is needed.

My Oathbreaker

Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord is great for this format. He grants lifelink, encouraging aggro while bolstering my life total. Leaning into the very Orzhov playstyle of my deck.

His +2 can harm enemy Oathbreakers to prevent ultimates, or harm blockers. All the while giving me additional lifegain triggers for Ajani's Pridemate or Cliffhaven Vampire .

His -X is very strong in an eternal format like this. With cards like Massacre Girl , Corpse Connoisseur and Lena, Selfless Champion give me additional removal, tutors and tokens to swing with. Even simple cards like Plaguecrafter can become heavy stax pieces with Sorin out.

Coming in at 4 loyalty and immediately upping to 6 makes Sorin a durable Planeswalker in a multiplayer format like this. Allowing me to still swing in for the lifelink damage without worrying about him too much. Having a +2 loyalty ability means I can very easily get 8 or more loyalty on him. Then I can reanimate anything in my deck.

My Signature Spell

This format seems to really focus on getting to your powerful effects early. While Martial Coup had great late game potential it almost never saw play. Sram's Expertise had more versatility early in the game, but based on how the deck has run, tutors would be far more effective.

Buried Alive is my current signature spell because I know it's a spell I want to cast early. It works directly with my Oathbreaker, can fetch some of the best cards for an early board state, combo pieces and strong bombs.

I'll change this again if needs be, but Entomb is my only other thought.

Final Thoughts

Oathbreaker is an amazing format. It speeds up EDH play style while introducing fun and interesting new mechanics. The smaller decks make it easier/cheaper to play as the card effects you're after here are often cut in commander. The signature spell concept is strong and a great way to express creative thinking. It's a 10/10 for me!


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