This is a pretty straight-forward build for Valduk, Keeper of the Flame . He pretty much asks for a Voltron build, so that's what this is. I've got a few extras to take advantage of sacrificing the tokens at the end of the turn.

This is a very basic build, and I'll be improving on it as I go. I was able to throw it together with what I already had on hand in my collection. Upgrading will be pretty easy, though, as most of the other cards I want are already budget; I just have to get them.

Suit Up!

The theme here is obvious: play out lots of equipment that are cheap to both cast and equip (for the most part), play Valduk, Keeper of the Flame no later than turn three, and then start swinging and dealing damage. What's nice about Valduk's ability is that I only have to move to the combat step to get the tokens; I don't have to attack with Valduk. So even if he doesn't have haste, I can still move to the combat step; he just can't attack. But if he's equipped, then I'll get Elementals that can attack. Since they won't stick around, I just start swinging.

Most of the equipment here offer some sort of combat bonus at the very least, so I won't be listing all of them here. There are some that offer some sort of evasion, helping to punch damage through.

Card Draw

Most of the card draw here is found through the use of artifacts and other equipment.

Abusing the Tokens

Alongside the Voltron theme is Valduk's token generation theme (along with Chandra, Flamecaller ). Not only do I want to be aggressive with the tokens in combat, I also want to use them as resources since they go away at the end of the turn anyways. To that end, I've got some ETB effects and sac outlets that let me do things like deal damage, produce mana, or...make token that stick around.

Combos and Synergies

I did manage to purchase a copy of Mycosynth Lattice before the new Karn spiked the damn price (frickin' ridiculous). Bludgeon Brawl + Mycosynth Lattice makes Valduk a real monster, and then he makes a metric shit ton of Elementals that I can attack with, then sacrifice, or do whatever with. Yeah, Shatterstorm is bad news, but hey, when you play with fire, you might get burned. I'll take that chance!

Another finisher I'm running is Fling . Great for finishing off the last player in a game.

That is it for my Valduk, Keeper of the Flame deck. As always, I'd love to hear any suggestions and comments. +1's are nice, too.


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