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Invincible Under the Sun 天下無双

Commander / EDH Control Cruel Control Mono-Black Reanimator



Toshiro Umezawa EDH that focuses on removing creatures that nobody wants on the board. For the duration of every game, you will never be seen as a major threat to anyone. All your game plan consists of is controlling the board state until you can generate enough mana to cast an explosive Exsanguinate or Torment of Hailfire as a primary win condition. The namesake of this deck is a homage to the manga Vagabond, which is the fourth deck on this site that I have named after either an anime or manga.

As of 4/14/2018, this deck achieved the #3 position on tappedout's top decks category on the homepage, and it is now the highest rated Toshiro Umezawa commander deck on the entire site! Thank you to everyone for your support, suggestions, and help in constructing this deck into what it is now. I greatly appreciate it.

All credits go to PhotogenicParasympathetic and his primer for the deck can be found here. I used his decklist for a base to work from, and it turns out that I kept most of it despite a few personal preferences with cards because the deck played exactly how I always wanted to play Toshi . For a time, my original brew was an awkward combination of voltron, reanimator, and control which is never how I wanted to play the deck. This list is now perfect to serve as the equalizer role in any group and I must say it is loads of fun so huge props goes out to Noah for putting it together, and make sure you visit his page if you're interested because he put a lot of work into building a detailed primer for the build.

I plan on gearing this deck toward the new meta that I am playing in, so be sure to check out the current meta decklists section below. I would really appreciate advice when it comes to meta calls, and I need to decide on a sideboard Wish package for Mastermind's Acquisition . Any and all suggestions are welcome, so feel free to leave a comment below, thank you! Upvote+1



Updates Add

Hi all,

Happy spook day to you all. There have been lots of really great suggestions in the comment section, and I have been meaning to do a massive update to this deck for quite some time now. I still plan on retaining the Spellslinger variation of this Toshiro decklist rather than implement a more competitive Reanimator approach. I have always enjoyed this deck for its equalizer role and I intend to continue using this strategy.

However, you can expect to see an overhaul to this decklist in the near future. There have been some interesting black cards added to Toshiro's arsenal in the latest set releases and there are other useful cards that I haven't quite had the chance to test out in this list.

I have been wanting to include a Death Wish or Mastermind's Acquisition package into this deck for quite some time now, but I could use some suggestions for the sideboard. I think Crypt Incursion looks like a promising include for a Wish package in my sideboard, but other than that I'm clueless because my meta has changed so much since I last played this deck in my former playgroup.

As far as the new card discussion goes, I have been intending to incorporate Cast Down into the build ever since its release. It looks incredibly versatile and the only drawback is that I won't be able to kill a commander with it, and I guess it would be a dead card against a Captain Sisay deck but thankfully I never play against Sisay. Price of Fame also looks like a fun kill spell to get the drop on commanders, but it's not limited to legendary creatures only which is super nice. Another newer card that I like is Dark Bargain for the instant speed draw and bury and I more than likely will add it into the deck as well. A land that really piqued my interest since it spoiled was Detection Tower . I think this card is well worth the slot in my landbase since it works similarly to Arcane Lighthouse and Glaring Spotlight , and Tower is especially useful because it causes opponents to lose hexproof, enabling our edicts if an opponent has hexproof to otherwise prevent us from forcing them to sacrifice their creatures.

Other potential inclusions that I am considering are more concerned with tuning and ensuring the deck retains it's balance after I incorporate changes. I have to feel it out and do some testing to really solidify these into the deck however. First and foremost, Hatred is a card that served as a supplement and sneaky win condition in an earlier rendition of this build when there were existing Voltron elements present. I can't help but miss Hatred, and I may slot it back in as an alternate win condition because I think it would work really well in here. Veering away from the budget side of things, Vampiric Tutor is a card I've had my eye on for a long time, as it can be recurred with Toshiro's ability, and tutors in general such as Demonic Tutor , Diabolic Intent , and Insidious Dreams have interested me even though the deck works well with the draw power it is capable of alone. As far as kill spells go, I think I may add back in Snuff Out because it can be cast for no mana and Curtains' Call can destroy two creatures for as little as one mana depending on the size of my playgroup. I can also see Necropotence and/or Ad Nauseam coming into this list for desperate draw engines to search for a win condition, assuming this deck takes a more competitive turn in future updates. Black Market is a solid ramp spell; however, it hasn't felt as reliable in former practice, but I want to test the card out again. I've thought about demons like Archfiend of Depravity and Reaper from the Abyss as means of crowd control, and I would like to test them in the deck although I'm not entirely confident that they will find permanent slots in here. Overseer of the Damned also looks like a fun enabler and token generator, since a board state is something I lack much of. Lastly, I may include lands for ramp such as Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx , as well as Vesuva and Thespian's Stage to copy Cabal Coffers . Other utility lands such as Myriad Landscape , Blighted Fen , Volrath's Stronghold , and fetchlands like Bloodstained Mire , Marsh Flats , Polluted Delta , and Verdant Catacombs all look promising to me.

Pardon my rambling, I found it hard to organize my thoughts into one clear and concise update. Thank you for reading through this mess, and if there's anything I'm missing please feel free to make suggestions because ultimately I would like to improve this deck and I greatly appreciate your feedback.


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