UW Urzatron with Mindslaver combo.

Combo: 12 mana + academy ruins + mindslaver= control opponents turns for the rest of the game. remember that even if you have no way of killing them with their own deck or what you have on the field, they will eventually mill out and you won't (since you keep re-drawing the mindslaver each turn).

General play advice:

It's usually a good idea to mindslaver someone even without the combo since you can easily get 3 for 1s or better just by making them fuck with their own stuff. Just casting a removal spell on their own creature can be enough to stabilize a close game. remember that with conditional tutors (like fetchlands, Chord of Calling, etc...) you can "fail to find" and cast the spell for no effect. make sure to read every card in your opponent's hand carefully to find creative ways to get value.

Against burn/zoo, you may find yourself at a higher life total on turn 3 if they fetched shocklands aggresively. it's often worthwhile to fetch shocklands of your own and lower your own life total to get the full benefit of Timely Reinforcements.

Spellskite is a weird card that does weird things. Remember that spellskite must be a legal target of the ability or spell for it to successfully re-direct.

Repeal on Birds of Paradise is a good idea. Path to Exile on Birds of Paradise is almost always a bad idea.

Engineered explosives only goes to 2 in this deck. keep that in mind when deciding whether Explosives or Oblivion Stone is better in the matchup.

Dispel has a lot of uses. the most important targets are Chord of Calling, Collected Company, and Path to Exile. Against aggressive white decks (zoo, hatebears), we need Wurmcoil to stabilize and PtE is our worst enemy in these situations. Against the chord/company decks, we want to be able to make big plays without fear of losing to a topdeck'd chord.


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