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I have been playing magic casually for several years and want to see if decks I come up with are any good or if they suck.

The primary combo in this deck is Isochron Scepter + Silence. After you play the combo you activate it on your opponent's turn to limit their ability to play anything but instants and things with flash. In addition you can also use Isochron Scepter with Path to Exile or Counterspell to keep threat up and cause your opponent to waste a move or two that will decide the game.Then you draw until you have some Plainswalker fun and destroy your opponent while they do nothing.

If you don't get the combo you have some counters and Wall of Omens, Squadron Hawk, Brainstorm to thin out you deck to get the Plainswalkers. Ultimately my hopeis that it will control the oppenent force them to worry about the said combo and Plainswalkers while I wait to drop them down to 0 life.

I test played this deck, as a proxy, and it seems fairly good but it has some trouble with fast decks. Advice???

Also I am considering creating this so I don't want to screw up, advice on the sideboard would really help ;)

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COWPOWER says... #1

Here are some (white) ideas to take care of early aggression, particular from creatures. It is mainly thought to be a thing for the sideboard as they are less relevant against other types of decks.

Ghostly Prison if you can get this out by turn three, attacking with more than one creature uses your opponents entire mana pool and should be able to slow them down.

Lightmine Field , ghostly prisons more expensive brother, serves the same purpose. For your opponent (and yourself unfortunately) to attack the toughness each attacking creatures must exceed the total number of creatures attacking.

Curse of the Forsaken , since early aggro decks has little defensive capability this might be able to turn the tides and get you a quick win, although my favorite of the three is Ghostly Prison

Two cheaper options are

the classic Condemn , which removes their biggest thread or

a favorite of mine Marrow Shards , this badboy lets you kill everything that attacks and only has 1 toughness, and the best part, you don't even have to keep mana back as it lets you pay the price in life. I won a game by taking out my opponents inkmoth nexus turn two, setting him behind for the rest of the game.

I can see the deck was last updated 2 years ago, but if you check in I hope you find this helpful.

December 13, 2013 11:53 p.m.

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