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Utvara Hell Cult



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This deck started around two nice synergies I noticed: Ulvenwald Tracker + Slumbering dragon for creature removal, and Slumbering Dragon, Descendants' Path, and Utvara Hellkite to swarm dragons. I threw together a deck like this before, and it was hilariously destructive when it worked.

Explanation of card choices (mostly for self-reference):

Balefire Dragon - Bonfire clearing for 6. Synergy with

Descendants' Path.

Cavern of Souls - Backup for casting Niv-Mizzet. Dragons can't be countered.

Descendants' Path - Win condition catalyst. Chance of putting more humans and/or dragons on field each turn

Fog Bank - Defend from Rakdos. REPLACE

Haunted Guardian - Defend from RDW. REPLACE

Kessig Wolf Run - Individual Overrun for X. Use to boost Dragons' abilities to gain advantage on field.

Niv-Mizzet - situational damage dealing in case direct combat is innefective. Late game card drawing. Works in synergy with Utvara Hellkite.

Slumbering Dragon - Turn 1 disincentive for enemy attack. Works in synergy with Descendants' Path and Utvara Hellkite.

Somberwald Sage - Win condition catalyst. Play mana-intensive creatures in hand relatively early.

Thundermaw Hellkite - Works well in synergy with Balefire Dragon and Descendants' path, Lowest cost high-power card in deck.

Triumph of Ferocity - Card draw advantage due to quick dragon usage. PENDING REMOVAL

Ulvenwald Tracker - Combat Removal of any enemy creature. Works in synergy with Descendants' Path (for Somberwald Sage)Wild Defiance - Counter Burn Removal. (Note, non-lethal overload for increased bonus?)

Archwing Dragon - Synergy with Utvara Hellkite. Not useful for Descendant's Path or Kessig Wolfrun. PENDING REMOVAL

Elvish Visionary - Drawing Power. PENDING REMOVAL

Guild Feud - Cast powerful cards with a chance of removing enemies. At time of casting, all non-creature cards should be less than essential.

Mizzium Mortars - Creature Removal.

whoabears says...


If you want to stop Izzet Style Removal you can try either effects like Giant Growth which you can use in response to a burn spell to save your dudes. Alternatively you can try Increasing Savagery or Blessings of Nature to take your guys out of burn range completely. That route is slower but synergizes well with Slumbering Dragon and can even turn an Ulvenwald Tracker into a real threat.

The other option is to just run counterspells since you're in blue. Negate or Mizzium Skin probably fit best what you're looking for. They would also save your guys from bounce effects; something the anti-burn options cannot do. I'd probably cut the constructs and fog banks for negates and maybe 1 or 2 of the miracle cards.

Ulvenwald tracker is cute, but I think you really want some solid removal in the sideboard. I forsee this deck having a lot of problems with RDW style decks where they can remove your tracker and thus prevent you from removing their threats in return, all the while smashing your face in.

November 21, 2012 3:35 a.m.

artahn says...


I added the Wild Defiance to the deck to give all creatures a giant growth effect whenever they come under non-combat attack, wouldn't that work well enough in it's place?

I only ran blue because it gave me the option for more defensive lines until the good cards came up, but I really do like the idea of adding counters to the creatures to resist burn spells. I'll add the Blessings of Nature in and consider Increasing Savagery once the Gruul Shockland hits standard. Thanks. :)

Also, for the sideboard removal, Would a playset of Mizzium Mortars do the trick? I was thinking about using them since they're only a 2 drop for individual threats and I was planning on using creature multiplication (via Utvara Hellkite ) as my win condition.

November 21, 2012 5:16 a.m.

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