Ever get tired of playing against decks that have indestructible creatures? Welcome to wither.

This deck is built so that you can gain control of your opponents' creatures when they die because most sources of damage are wither.

Everlasting Torment is the centerpiece. Once you have that on the field you'll want to get Necroskitter out. Then you can swing at them and at very worst, if they kill your creatures you'll weaken them. You also have a handful of burn spells and Kaervek the Merciless to help you kill off some of their creatures.

If you want to put the game on a clock then you can play Lightning Reaver and for the most part, have an unblockable creature (if they try to block with a black creature you can use Scuttlemutt to change the creature's color) that gets a counter on him that does damage on your endsteps. Additionally, you have Mogis, God of Slaughter who will also put the game on a clock for you with the potential to control the board for you.



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