This is my third EDH deck and the first I’ve built from the ground up myself. I had just finished reading Brothers War when Urza was spoilt so safe to say I was very excited to build him. The biggest concern I had was his power level and whether I could build something that would be fun to play against. This is what I came up with, a slow combo deck with light stax pieces and various other control elements. The deck also features a backup beat down strategy.

What’s our strategy?

Control the game while flooding the board with artifacts for value.

How do we win?

Leveraging one of the many combos involving the Stations from Fifth Dawn.

Station Combos

  • Summoning Station + Salvaging Station + Grinding Station + Blasting Station + 0-1 drop artifact (infinite mill/damage)
  • Summoning + Clock of Omens/Dross Scorpion + Forgemaster + Lattice (infinite tutoring)
  • Summoning + Clock + Blasting Station (infinite tapped creatures)
  • Summoning + Dross + Blasting Station (infinite creatures)
  • Summoning + Grinding/Blasting + Lattice (infinite mill/damage)
  • retrofitter Foundry + Clock + Salvaging + Grinding + Blasting (infinite mill/damage /w Urza)
  • retrofitter Foundry + Dross + Salvaging + Grinding/Blasting (infinite mill/damage /w Urza)
  • Myr Turbine + Clock + Grinding/Blasting (infinite mill/damage)
  • myr Turbine + Dross + Grinding/Blasting (infinite mill/damage)


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