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Urza back at it again with the Moxen!

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Primer is a WIP

Honestly asking 'Why Play Urza?' seems a little redundant right? Like 'why do I want to win when I could play other commanders!' Ha. In all seriousness Urza is a deck made to be highly tuned, and highly competitive. If you are sitting down at your kitchen table to have fun, or at your LGS playing with casual players you should not be playing this deck. Below are the pillars of the deck, and what you can expect from the deck.

Control. Since we are mono-blue we want to control the pace of the game so that we can win on our terms. We do this through a variety of counterspells, and a few bounce spells to keep our opponent in check.

Stax. In order to further pace the game as we see fit, and to fully abuse Urza to his maximum ability we want to play stax cards that allow us to tap those stax pieces to avoid their harsh toll while we watch our opponents suffer.

Combos. We are a combo deck, our goal is to abuse Urza's abilities to their fullest to either draw our deck out, or storm off.

Artifacts. The entire crutch of this deck is to play a ton of low cost artifacts, and again abuse Urza.

All of the cards selected I have scrutinized over to make sure that they add maximum value to the deck and what it wants to do. The overall theme is low to the ground artifacts, artifact support, counterspells, and a few wincons.

We are going to break down these artifacts into two categories, Rocks which guarantee mana generation at least once and Moxen that have a requirement to generate mana such as Mox Opal .




There are two main combo we want to achieve in this deck:

1) Urza, Lord High Artificer + Paradox Engine / Dramatic Reversal & Isochron Scepter + Any Combination of rocks that generate

This combo allows us to play our entire deck, generate nearly infinite mana, and builds our storm count so long as we don't hit a pocket of lands.

2) Voltaic Key + Sensei's Divining Top + Etherium Sculptor / Paradox Engine / Sai, Master Thopterist

This combo only allows us to draw our entire deck and generate our storm count just on it's own, however you can cast spells in between each cast and draw from SDT to generate nearly infinite mana.

The combo above using Sai, Master Thopterist also generates infinite thopters!

Other combos included in the deck worth mentioning are...

  • Karn, the Great Creator + Mycosynth Lattice : this creates a hard lock on our opponent so that they cannot generate mana or cast spells
  • Mycosynth Lattice + Hurkyl's Recall / Rebuild : This bounces all of our opponents permanents to their hands making it impossible to interfere with our plans AND putting them behind. In order to prevent this from happening to us we float all of our mana, recast Urza and continue doing our thing.
  • Paradox Engine + Isochron Scepter : This gives us infinite storm and draw power with Urza and rocks to generate . This combo is particularly relevant because it allows us to exile ALL of our deck and then pick the order in which we play our cards.

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Updates Add

The title was a comment posted in reply to an interesting thread where I argued that Paradox Engine wasn't that bad in Urza, and I was told that the reason it was banned was because of how many times Engine extended turns in to 10+ minutes just to fizzle or not win. My response was simply, "Yes, because forcing me into playing Stasis / Orb locks until I can get Painter's Servant + Grindstone/Sphinx's Tutelage to mill every player to death is a better alternative?!"

At first it was a joke... And then I realized... Engine wasn't Infinite unless I had Dramatic Scepter but this two card combo which is far more potent is! Thus the transition into pure grueling stax locks plus dumb infinite mana and infinite mill combos was born!

So all I can say is... You played yourselves RC, you played yourselves!

I've added:

As such I'm over cards, so I'm up for suggestions to cuts and I also want to get some more draw power as I am very low on that.

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