• Ever wanted to make a stupid deck name after some of the most powerful mono-blue commanders in the game?
  • Me neither.


  • Ursula
  • Time Traveling Black Jesus
  • And Teleporter McGee!

  • Well my pitiful, small brained, well enamored mentlegen, allow me to educate you on CHOICE!

  • You see, in having all 3 of the big bois in the deck, you are presented; not with choice, but with the illusion of choice.
  • This deck is a wonderful way to reincorporate your boring magical time-traveling black man mono-blue strategies into a deck that is actually good.
  • You see, there is no reason to play a different commander other than Ursula, because he is immediately effective and doesn't die to a 2/2 zombie.
  • With this, it can be clearly seen that this is all just an elaborate scheme to make the deck feel special when it is anything but that.
  • That is choice. Your choice. The choice I already made for you.

  • Play Ursula.

  • As the main old man, Ursula gets little to no combos.

  • That's right, he is next to pointless without his ramp and etb trigger and free spells...
  • Actually, he's pretty useful, but there's not much you can do to combo with him.
  • Urza, Lord High Artificer + Deadeye Navigator = Construct Spam
  • McGee is boring.

  • For being such a boring sack of shiitake mushrooms, he only gets one boring ass combo.
  • Venser, Shaper Savant + Deadeye Navigator
  • Rinse and repeat this combo until your opponent's board is drained of life and their soul is ripped from their body. As you chow down on their essence, remember, you are not the monster; you are the man.
  • Make myrs.

  • Rings of Brighthearth + Basalt Monolith

    • Basalt Monolith is definitely a card up for consideration in this deck, but not the combo it's a part of.
    • Reason 1: It's boring.
    • Reason 2: One of the two cards is money that most people probably aren't willing to spend.
    • Reason 3: We can achieve a similar infinite mana effect with Isochron Scepter imprinted with Dramatic Reversal + Trail of Evidence . So long as we control Urza, we can get infinite clues and therefore, infinite mana and draw.

    Peregrine Drake / Palinchron + Deadeye Navigator

    • Another infinite mana scheme that would work well with perfect ramp.
    • Reason 1 not to use this: The mana cost required to get both these creatures out is higher than I like.
    • Reason 3: Even assuming you get perfect ramp, there is no way to search for the pieces without using Planar Bridge , which you will be draining a lot of mana into.
    • Reason 4: Infinite mana is still fucking boring.

    Grand Architect + Pili-Pala

    • This is gross.
    • Reason 1: No tutor for the Architect.
    • Reason 2: It's infinite mana and I find strategies like it dumb and predictable.
    • Reason 3: Pili-Pala is a stupid name and I hope Mark Rosewater is one day forced to play a deck comprised of nothing but Keldon Warcallers some day.

    Nexus of Fate + Elite Arcanist

    • Essentially, infinite turns. I already have a deck that murders people with extra turns and I don't see the point of making another one.
    • Reason 1: The combination is slower.
    • Reason 7: The combination is harder to tutor for because of the creature.
    • Reason 69: Not reflective of the decks flavor.

    Why are you using Commit / Memory ?

    • It makes an excellent pseudo-counter/disperse card.
    • It can be a saving grace if you need to recycle your deck.

    Why Mirage Mirror ?

    • A balancer for enormous creatures and powerful enchantments your opponent may play.
    • Ex: opponent plays Archetype of Imagination to deal damage to you.
    • You nope that frick by taking flying out of the equation at instant speed for mana.

    What's the point of having Memnarch ?

    • Theft is one of my many pleasures.
    • Memnarch is great at stealing things, and when the stolen things happen to be artifacts that make me more mana, I'm gonna gobble that shiz up like a high school cheerleader gobbles ███ ██████ ████!

    Why do you have Trail of Evidence and Tamiyo's Journal

    • Considering that clue artifacts now produce mana and provide draw power, I want as mana as possible.
    • Tamiyo's Journal also allows you to search your library for combo-pieces you otherwise couldn't get with most blue tutors.
    • The investigate mechanic is pretty chill.

    Already running Stasis , do you really need Winter Orb ?

    • Stasis is harder to get to as it is an enchantment.
    • You can tutor for the Orb with Tribute Mage .
    • Really, does this even need explaining?
    • Probably because not everyone feels like making a deck that just breaks the game and does nothing else.
    • You gotta give them hope. Then crush them.
    • That's why this deck is more fun.



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