My take on izzet Prowess. One could argue that it's essentially mono lightning bolt :)

The deck is slower and less explosive than the traditional UR Prowess decks, which aim to win on turn 2/3. This deck aims to win around turn 5/6, mainly because it is lacking the phyrexian cards Gut Shot and Mutagenic Growth . I have purposefully excluded them because I don't think they are fun cards.

Instead, the deck boasts a hefty amount of scry and card draw. When timed right, they allow to gracefully look for Lightning Bolt , Wizard's Lightning and Titan's Strength . These can close out games on their own (assuming you'll be able to keep one wizard on the board).

Between the direct damage, Vapor Snag and Stream of Unconsciousness can prolong our games if need be (untill we can get that last damage through). I say prolong, because we really don't have a late game option. It's usually outpacing or losing. The deck is especially weak against board wipes, so not playing all creatures at once can prove useful but honestly just going all out will usually be more successful.


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