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UR Guttersnipe (Post-Post-Rotation)

Standard* Burn Control U/R (Izzet)



This is a deck based around casting a large number of cheap instants and sorceries with decent effects to get various on-cast benefits, whether it be a flat 2 direct damage from Guttersnipe or a 1/1 elemental from Young Pyromancer. Additionally, Spellheart Chimera can provide a cheap and powerful attacker when I've spent a number of my instants and sorceries, giving me a threat that doesn't rely on having other cards in hand.

A problem I have is the lack of cheap draw to keep my fuel up.

-Magma Jet serves both to deal damage when I need to and to smooth out my draws, allowing me to set up draws or dig for answers.

-Izzet Charm is a very powerful modal spell (options are always nice) that can serve as a counter, removal, or to dig into my deck for threats while ditching dead draws. No matter which mode I take, it adds at least one to the Spellheart count, and the third mode has the potential to add up to three to the count, depending on what I ditch.

-Opportunity isn't cheap, but it's the best card advantage I can get at this point in time. It's almost a Sphinx's Revelation that can be used in decks that don't run white, but forcing a 6-mana investment instead of giving options makes it significantly weaker than its UW counterpart. No other spells in the deck match the expense, bar overloaded Mizzium Mortars or Cyclonic Rift.

-Spite of Mogis has the potential to remove a significant number of threats at any point in the game, and it gives me a scry.

I'm open for suggestions and i'd very much like to make this more consistent, but I don't know how well it will actually fare post-rotation since I can't possibly own several of my cards for another week.


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I went to FNM piloting this deck with worse mana (round 1 I had one steam vents and no temples and rounds 2 through 4 i had a different steam vents and two temples) and I feel like I need more testing. I went 2-2, going 0-2 round 1, 2-0 round 2, 2-1 round 3, and 0-2 round 4. Keranos never did anything for me but whenever i drew into him i was about to win or about to lose anyway. I need to get a real sideboard and more options for dealing with fast decks.

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