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UR Guttersnipe (Post-Post-Rotation)

Standard* Burn Control U/R (Izzet)



This is a deck based around casting a large number of cheap instants and sorceries with decent effects to get various on-cast benefits, whether it be a flat 2 direct damage from Guttersnipe or a 1/1 elemental from Young Pyromancer. Additionally, Spellheart Chimera can provide a cheap and powerful attacker when I've spent a number of my instants and sorceries, giving me a threat that doesn't rely on having other cards in hand.

A problem I have is the lack of cheap draw to keep my fuel up.

-Magma Jet serves both to deal damage when I need to and to smooth out my draws, allowing me to set up draws or dig for answers.

-Izzet Charm is a very powerful modal spell (options are always nice) that can serve as a counter, removal, or to dig into my deck for threats while ditching dead draws. No matter which mode I take, it adds at least one to the Spellheart count, and the third mode has the potential to add up to three to the count, depending on what I ditch.

-Opportunity isn't cheap, but it's the best card advantage I can get at this point in time. It's almost a Sphinx's Revelation that can be used in decks that don't run white, but forcing a 6-mana investment instead of giving options makes it significantly weaker than its UW counterpart. No other spells in the deck match the expense, bar overloaded Mizzium Mortars or Cyclonic Rift.

-Spite of Mogis has the potential to remove a significant number of threats at any point in the game, and it gives me a scry.

I'm open for suggestions and i'd very much like to make this more consistent, but I don't know how well it will actually fare post-rotation since I can't possibly own several of my cards for another week.


I went to FNM piloting this deck with worse mana (round 1 I had one steam vents and no temples and rounds 2 through 4 i had a different steam vents and two temples) and I feel like I need more testing. I went 2-2, going 0-2 round 1, 2-0 round 2, 2-1 round 3, and 0-2 round 4. Keranos never did anything for me but whenever i drew into him i was about to win or about to lose anyway. I need to get a real sideboard and more options for dealing with fast decks.

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Gulltralisk says... #1

The 3-12 was back during INN-RTR standard and I don't remember what always beat me except Thragtusk and Huntmaster, neither of which are exactly in standard at this point. I'm going to be doing some testing of approximately this version (can't quite afford the temples and the three steam vents i'm missing) at FNM this week and I'll be sure to post an update then. I feel like i'm probably going to need to focus the deck more though, yeah.

May 26, 2014 10:17 p.m.

xJonahSlayerx says... #2

August 5, 2016 11:45 a.m.

http404error says... #3

Already has Dissolve. Counterspell isn't in the format (which has of course rotated long since anyways).

August 5, 2016 1:49 p.m.

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