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So I've been playing standard for a little over a year now, and, while I still love it, I would like to branch out a bit. So, EDH it is.

I have the beginnings of a dragon deck, I just am not sure what land to use and I also need some help filling the deck out.

Please, leave some suggestions of what to put in (or out). I am on a bit of a budget but very few things would be out of the question to splurge on. ;)

As of the time I am typing this all the cards listed, I have.*



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Trying to get the fetch lands, I have Arid Mesas in the mail hopefully they will arrive soon.

I also found some great cards kicking around in my room from an Archenemy deck, so those got tucked in to the deck.

Suggestions for reanimator cards (or any other suggestions for that matter) are always welcome.


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