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U/R Burn + Riptide Mangler because that guy's cool

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I'm just getting back in to Magic; the last time I played for reals was back when Legion was new. I was never very good at deckbuilding (being a dumb middle schooler with no money), so any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. It would be nice if this deck could eventually make the transition from a casual Vintage/Legacy deck to a Standard legal deck, but for now I only play with a group of friends so that's not a priority.

The concept of this deck is pretty simple, I think. Draw burn spells with blue mana, play burn spells with red mana. I have Aquamoebas, Compulsions, and Careful Studies to trigger Madness so I can draw extra with Obsessive Searches or burn with Fiery Temper for cheap. The creatures I have deal direct damage, or are Shivan Dragon/Riptide Mangler and are thus cool.


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