Suicide Bloo, despite making a strong performance in the 2016 MTG World Championship, was generally regarded by most players as little more than a glass cannon; able to combo out in the first few turns for massive damage, or lose the game in a failed attempt to do so. After the ban of Gitaxian Probe, most players simply assumed that the deck was dead.

In truth, Bloo is neither of these things. One of the strengths of the deck has always been its ability to pivot from playing a hyper-aggro strategy to a surprisingly grindy one when the matchup requires it. And thanks to a small, but highly-dedicated player base, not only is the deck alive, but it can now handle grindy matchups better than ever. Both the Black Splash and Green Splash versions of the deck have actually been reporting favorable win ratios against aggro, control, and combo decks alike.

Bloo can still out-race any aggro deck in the meta with the exception of Infect and Cheeri0s, which roughly tie it in speed. It has a devastating post-board against many tri-color decks, which can be easily shut down by Blood Moon, or failing that, outlasted through a combination of virtual and direct card advantage from the low land count / high cantrip count and Bedlam Reveler, respectively.

In fact, in a statistical analysis of nearly 3000 MTGO games, the post-ban version of Suicide Bloo has been managing win rates higher than 70% against many common control and control/combo decks, including Grixis, Valakut Breach, Mardu Nahiri, and Scapeshift, as well as maintaining win rates over 70% against any aggro decks that can't keep up with Bloo's clock, such as Merfolk, Bogles, and Dredge. Heck, with her versatile black splash build, Suicide Bloo creator h0lydiva was reporting a personal win rate exceeding 70% for traditionally difficult midrange decks like Jund.

While the success of novel sideboard splashes is indeed interesting, this particular build utilizes the extremely versatile Noxious Revival + Thought Scour package, and adds one Breeding Pool, which can now fulfill the mana requirements of 11 of the deck's non-blue spells.

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