When Aetherling was spoiled I knew I just wanted to play it and have been working on this for a little while and was hoping for some feedback. Also I would prefer only to play 2 colours as there are budget restrictions and that is why I did'nt include snapcaster.



macaroniman says... #1

God dangit I posted a big thing then it 404'd on me. Here we go again:

Alright so it looks like you're going for a tempo-style Delver deck here, given that you're mainboarding 4 Syncopate . I think this is a great style of deck, and there are some definite improvements that can be made to increase the deck's consistency and improve its game plan: Mainboard 4 Delvers. You want him out as much as you can, and with 26 instants/sorceries, he's great. Take out the Augurs; he just doesn't give enough to this kind of deck. Especially with Nivix Cyclops on the way. 3 AEtherling is the perfect amount. Mizzium Mortars and Pillar of Flame are great cards, but keep in mind that they are sorceries. Tempo decks want cards that are either instant, or have a very distinct impact (think Duress , which is a very acceptable sorcery for a tempo deck). You should up the number of unsummons; that card is amazing for this kind of deck, especially once you get Nivix Cyclops . Consider adding more draw power in the form of Thought Scour or something like that. Think Twice is the best draw card for this deck, but sadly you can only run 4. Consider mainboarding 3 or so Desperate Ravings . Yes, it discards at random, but how many cards would you be truly angry about discarding? Pretty much only AEtherling . Besides, it functions as a slightly worst Think Twice . The reason you should have more draw is that having more will allow you to run less land, and thus have a higher overall spellcount.

Suggestions: -3 Mizzium Mortars, -4 Augur of Bolas, -1 Desperate Lighthouse, -1 Mountain, +3 Nivix Cyclops, +1 Delver of Secrets, +2 Unsummon, +3 Desperate Ravings OR +3 Thought Scour

This is just my take. Also maybe consider Nivmagus Elemental , he's decent for tempo like this.

May 2, 2013 2:53 p.m.

sweedeh says... #2

Thanks for the advice macaroniman. I proxied up the parts that I didnt have and did some testing and it was much more consistent. I have also decided to use Desperate Ravings over Thought Scour due to the flash back and not having Snapcaster Mage makes the mill on thought scour just a bit useless. Anyway thanks again.

May 4, 2013 7:20 a.m.

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