Hit six mana, have some tokens, Mass Polymorph 'em all into Pelakka Wurm s.

Most of the token-makers are instant speed to leave mana up for Rootborn Defenses, Borrowed Grace , or perhaps Congregate while making attacking risky for our opponent.

Brainstorm gives us a way to tuck the Wurms back in our deck should we draw one. Growth Spasm helps us find that all-important source of blue mana.


Even though its cheesey jank I keep doing well enough with this deck to keep it around. Certainly the reactions of my opponents are worth it. Let's see if we can't reduce our reliance on the main gameplan though.

First, we make some room:

I've been trying out Brainstorm instead of See Beyond but once we have enough mana to cast Mass Polymorph we're approaching enough mana to just hardcast our threats anyway. Since we're not playing any off-color, we really don't need the ability to tuck them back in the library. With the last of the blue spells gone from the 60, we're free to do as mandroid suggested and go to a single Island.

I've also found few opportunities to really capitalize on Gilt-Leaf Ambush. Out it goes!

That gives us room for Utopia Sprawl, and as long as we only ever need one source of U we're free to also run Lonely Sandbar.

Finally, we're adding Sprout Swarm and Borrowed Grace to give us other ways to leverage our tokens if the Mass Polymorph doesn't work out.


mandroid says... #1

This is awesome, I love it. Just some card choices here bug me like ambush is kinda just not great and congregate should be replaced by ramp since jackpot wurm dragonstorm gains you 21 life. Go to one island and cut a couple of plains for more forests and consider playing utopia sprawl or just something like rampant growth or search for tomorrow or even explore.

December 1, 2014 9:45 p.m.

gnikrul says... #2

Mandroid: Not using Congregate in a white token deck is just silly (especially when I play a fair nubmer of multiplayer matches). Getting to survive at least two more turns almost acts like ramp anyway, and it's the only card that will give me a chance against Goblins and such, or any deck that runs counterspell.

As for the Ambush, it might be replaceable, but I'm not sure I want more ramp rather than tokens and scry.

December 23, 2016 11:49 a.m.

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